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So figured i would throw this up here finally.
Still very much a work in progress - but aren't they all? :)

I came from a white evo IX. I loved it dearly. But i got a deal on the MR i couldn't pass up.

My car is still technically my daily, in that it's my only one. But i usually use pedal power to get to work so it's driven 1-2-3 times per week. It's primary purpose is as a road course, track day fun machine.
I'll convert power figures to DJ numbers as best i can to make life easy.

I bought her as the second owner in 2009. It had coilovers, wheels, intercooler and pipe kit, modified muffler and a light tune on it. I sold the wheels it came with (G games) and got the GT30s you see here :

Did a track day. Cooked the SST. Running about 300whp
Foglight delete installed, which gave me an extra few laps before Slowdown....

Fast forward 6 months, enter an FP Green.
We had some issues with SST stuff with the tuning (2009!)
Ended up around 380whp, but the car wasn't consistently putting the power down, and to be honest was a pig to drive on the track - getting Slowdowns after 3 laps with the increased power.
Finally we got that SST crap sorted out and it was lasting a lot longer with less clutch slippage.

Another few months, and a set of Kelford 214Bs went in.
Around 400whp now. Much meatier midrange. Much more fun to play with.

Drove it like this until the start of 2010, when i stupidly looked at the For Sale section and found an FP Red new-in-box for not much coin. I couldn't resist. (and the Green could be sold locally for more than the Red was going to cost me. win win)
Around the same time i was offered a set of second hand Arogosta coilovers which i snapped up. the previous KW V3s were very good, and are currently on another car (with stiffer springs) that is kicking my ass ;).
But the every day ride quality of the Arogostas was light years ahead, and the spring rate firmer which suited my heavy ass car quite nicely.

The coilovers went on first. i dropped a second a lap.
Then on went the Red. Around 430-440whp. Dropped another second a lap.
Personally i enjoyed the Red a lot more.
Then it was time for some SST cooling. SSP to the rescue...

The tranny cooler REALLY helped, combined with some cleverer tuning (much assistance from Kozmic and Tephra) and I was able to do full 15-20 minute sessions, pushing decent horsepower, with no troubles whatsoever.
Lap times were gradually coming down as I learned the car, and it was super reliable.

I put in Cusco front and rear swaybars. The rear is non-adjustable. The front is adjustable using a bracket for the endlinks.
The car handled differently, but lap times didn't budge. It was flatter though the corners, but it understeered. Swings and roundabouts :(

Fast forward 6 months again....
I was competeing at our Aussie Evo Nats weekend, and midway through the day at the start of the main straightaway .... a bang and then no power.
Limped it home with it sounding like a WRX.
Inside looked a bit like this :

Evidence of coolant in places it shouldn't have been. nothing bent or broken. Bored looked fine.
Possibly the head lifted. It had ARP headstuds done when the cams were done. Maybe not tight enough! Who knows...

now for part 2 :

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Fortunately, a few of us down here had started shopping around for short blocks as I was looking at upgrading to a built motor before this unfortunate incident happened.
After a lot of emails MAP got hit with a bulk order to make a few Aussie cars faster.
Mine was one of The Chosen Ones :)

I sourced a longblock from Jeremy at SSP and had it shipped to MAP. One shortblock core - check. One cylinder head core - check. One awesome motor that is as bulletproof as i can hope for - pending ;)

So the boys at MAP got to work porting and honing and assembling and a few months later some goodies arrived in the mail

Rough Specs :
sleeved 2.2 with all the usual goodies
ported/honed head with +1mm valves
and you all know what the list is anyway!

Jeremy had sent an inlet manifold and a throttle body with my longblock.
Inlet mani got the MAP rev2 treatment
Throttle body was sent off to MilSpec for some love.

And after a lot of internal debate, and knowing my trusty FP Red would run out of steam in a big way on a 2.2 i intended to rev out to a bit over 8000rpm ... Chris hit me up with a great deal on an EF4. The only results i had to go on were Murlo's at that point (and still are, really), but the characteristics looked pretty decent to me for a road race turbo that was only going to see 15-20min stints at a time.
I must admit, i thought long and hard about a T3 setup.. but i already had a recently acquired Full Race tubular from a mate, and a custom dump made up, so i figured i may as well use them.
But seeing 2 other local guys assembling out of the same shop down here (free plug - Road Track Rally yo!! holla ) ordering AMS 900X and 750R kits, it was damn hard not to fall in line!! Maybe one day....

The bits i wouldn't give up :

We set about cracking open the SST and beefing it up with SSP parts next. It looked easy on paper, but I'm glad it wasn't me doing this...

Anyhow, finally it was all done :

So - the parts list so far :
MAP 2.2 bored/sleeved, MAP stage 4 head
MAP rev2 inlet manifold
MilSpec throttle body
ETS 4" intercooler and Depo piping kit
MAP EF4 turbo
GSC S2 cams
Full Race exhaust manifold
CES Racing split dump - it's 2.75". Internal debate rages about getting a 3" widemouth design
Catback - i have a Tomei and a Blitz. The Tomei is crazy loud. It's pretty much not mine any more ;)
FIC 1100s , with 2150s on standby
DW300 replaced with a Walbro 400 pump

SSP SST front mount cooler
SSP 500hp clutchpacks
Diaqueen fluid

Arogosta coilovers 780lb front, 670lb rear
Cusco front and rear swaybars
Cusco rear strut brace
Performance Friction front rotors
Goodridge braided lines
Pagid RS19 pads all round
INGS TS06 18x9.5 +22 (street) on Z1 star specs
Rays TE37SL 18x9.5 +22 (track) on Yokohama A050s

OEM aero kit skirts
Rexpeed varis-style lip and canards
Kansai (i think) rear diffuser
Kansai bonnet scoop

So the new setup was first fired up 2 weeks ago now
Run in is complete, after spending many nights doing hill runs and vac pulls. Dinosaur oil has been dumped and synthetic stuff is in.
Apart from a C-clip springing itself off the WGA arm, everything mechanically has been great thus far. (MAP - why not use split pins like everyone else!!)

So this is her as she stands. With Tephra's old stock-ish catback on heheh

Next post, I'll post up results as i get them
Right now I'm in the very beginning stages of tuning this thing. But one thing has come to light very rapidly - with the Walbro 400 pump, everything is fine and dandy at idle and cruise, but as soon as the relay trips and voltage goes up it's a monster.
it runs super rich.
I had AFRMAP set to 12 and my AFRs were 9s!
So I've had to run huge scaling and silly latencies to get my fuel map looking half normal.
The solution would be to drill out the return ports more... but then the siphon might not work when fuel flow is less as idle/cruise. decisions decisions.....

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^ using the same kind of dodgy DJ-corrected numbers based on our local dyno ... a stock MR would get ~225-230whp
Tephra might be able to correct me better (based on 150-155kw.... converted to hp and multiplied by 110% usually gets us close!!)

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Amazing build can't wait to see the numbers when it's all tuned and on the track!

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I want to get the handling dialled in before i go too silly chasing power.
Possibly might get a Whiteline adjustable rear sway to help out a little.

Power i imagine will be there on tap when the time comes ... for now I'm running 93 and my WGDC is 0 and like 10-12* of timing up top.
The wastegate flapper seems to open at 15psi (not preloaded at all, just out of the box) so I'll pressure check the actual actuator spring bit tomorrow. It's supposed to be 25psi... but then again my FP "upgraded" actuator opened at 15 aswell. they are supposed to be 18psi from memory on the Red.
I know Murlo's fell over up top so I'm going to try and get it sorted before i get too far tuning, with either a vanilla WGA or maybe some crazy internal/external wastegate mess. Lots of fab work though - none of the US gear fits our cars remember..

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Is tephra's ride across from you Beebs? Do you guys stare each other down? Why is there so much engine porn in Australia?

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Actually he was waiting for mine to get off the spare hoist so he could use it!
and if by "staring down" you mean "drink beer with" , then yes we do on occasion :)

I really want to see what D's car can do, as that 750 kit is on my shopping list as a possible upgrade one day... might be a bit much for the SST though!!

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awesome build mate, im sub'd!!

i'd just run it on e85 full time with the walbro 400, you're lucky you guys have it over there maybe one day we might get it here in perth as well.

get the adj whiteline rear sway and endlinks if you haven't already and put it on the firmest setting, it'll get rid of that understeer you were talking about.

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There is a max lean map where you can adjust it...

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There is a max lean map where you can adjust it...
As in a table? Hrmmm i don't think i have that one.
You mean the Max Lean AFR vs Load?

Sub'd - Gonna be a monster :rock:

Out of interest how big is this sucker?
2.5" - same as the intercooler piping. It's from Meek (and from Daz).

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Looks awesome, man! Good luck with completing the build! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts once your back on the track!

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awesome build mate. good luck with the latest mods. subbed.
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