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Best Chinese head unit?

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Since no big brands offer installation kits for their head units for Lancer plus the fact that they are very expensive compared with Chinese units with similar specs I would like to ask:

Which of the many Chinese head units (with navigation) that fit into Lancer is the best one? (By best I mean faster processor, good lifespan, latest OS, best GPS receiver, things like that.)

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I purchased and installed this same one that Devin has in this video in my X about a week ago and I absolutely love this thing. I have a final edition and I wanted something that would require me to cut or permanently alter my vehicle so when I seen his video I jumped on it. Every bit of it was plug and play. Before I was running 6 little baby gauges on my Accessport but now I'm running many more and they're far bigger to where I can safely see them without having to get closer to screen in order to read the gauges. It is big but I'm ok with it. That was my preference and I also like the fact that you don't see too many people with the Tesla style as opposed to the sygavs. I don't think there's anything wrong with the sygav because I was actually going to get that at first. Only reason I didn't is because I just happened to come across this one before pulling the trigger on purchasing the 10". Either way they're both good options IMO.
Any updates on your tesla model head unit? I was thinking of getting one but wondering if it's glitchy or you had any other issues with it yet? Also trying to find the best supplier that sells it, found one on amazon that has like 4 reviews so feels kind if sketch lol.
So far no problems with the unit itself. I tried installing an add on to one of the apps it's been a little weird sometimes so I'm just gonna try and reset/uninstall/reinstall it. Also, I found a guy who actually makes a new firmware for it. He actually makes it for almost all of the tesla replica head unit models (Sergey Koslov). I found out about him from bladepool on youtube when I was watching some of his vids and seen that his screen setup was a bit different than mine. I'll eventually get the firmware but I have other plans in the works right now🤞
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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