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Billiards in MA & RI

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Any of the New England Area guys play Billiards? I've been dying to get back into shooting on a regular basis. Its been a few years for me but its something I enjoyed, kicking back having a couple beers, talking cars and shooting. Even if its for an hour or 2. Maybe something we can get together once a month. Even during the day. It's a great stress reliever, and if people like to play for a little money or drinks I'm cool with that too.
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I think were meeting up this Sunday for a few hours, anyone else? I would post this in the NeEvo section but for some reason im not allowed in that section. Hit me up on PM for the location because were not positive on the spot yet.
Sounds fun! Although I'm usually only good for one game before I try too hard an fail miserably :p

The Local Team forums can only be posted in by team members. If you would like to gain access all you need is 50 posts an PM Ttsumibishi. He'll get some info from you and get you set up with access.

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