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These are NEW.

$100 shipped.

From the website:
EVO Brake Duct Nozzles... ANTI-HAWTNESS!
Binary brings the coolness to the braking system of your Mistusbishi Lancer EVO. These stainless steel brake ducts bolt to the stock Brembo calipers and provide a robust and elegant way to supply your rotors with fresh airflow via 2" diameter hose of your choice. Mounting a proper nozzle on the calipers is the magic behind a good EVO brake ducting system - Binary makes that easy, and allows you to source the hose and inlets of your liking.
Fit on all EVO's VI-X
- CNC laser cut stainless steel flanges
- Tooling-Die formed nozzle
- 2" diameter tubing
- TIG welded

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