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While not officially the fastest lap time for a production car, this M3 CSL from 2003 has beat the Pagani Zonda F around the Nurburgring by 5 seconds. With some slight modifications to the car which include upgraded brakes and a supercharger, the M3 dubbed as "Loaded", produces 532hp and was prepared by ESS Tuning. Read more for car specs.

Swedish "Loaded" puts Supercars in the shade at the Nürburgring.

Swedish racing star Richard Göransson once more took place behind the wheel of the project car "Loaded", and drove lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife that puts supercars like the Koenigsegg, Pagani and Porsche in the shade. With the time of 7 minutes 22.8 seconds around the 20.6 kilometer long track he was over five seconds faster than the original target of 7 minutes 28 seconds.
"It was an utterly fantastic feeling when I saw the time on the display! We have fought hard since 2004 and finally we have reached our target, and then some!" said Göransson.

Göransson arrived at the German track on November the 5th with owner and builder of "Loaded" - Anders Fransson.
But the day almost ended in tears. On the fastest part of the track, where the speed hits around 300 km/h, the front splitter came off.
"The Nürburgring leaves absolutely no room for error, so my pulse really went up when I heard a bang under the car!" said Göransson.

After a few hours of work in the pits the car was ready again and a few laps later the lap time came as well.

"It took a while before we realized it. But it is incredibly nice to finally reach our goal after three years of fighting. We would never have done it without the fantastic support we have received from BMW enthusiasts and motorsport fans around the world," said Fransson.

The car called "Loaded" is a BMW M3 CSL from 2003 that has been fine tuned by the owner Anders Fransson.

The entire project started three years ago when Fransson decided to try and beat considerably more expensive and theoretically faster supercars with his BMW M3 CSL.
"The changes made on the car are not that advanced really. It has a supercharger, a rollcage for safety, the weight has been reduced and it has other brakes and suspension. It is an amazing feeling to be able to beat supercars like the Koenigsegg CCR, Pagani Zonda F and Porsche Carrera GT with our M3 CSL," said Fransson.

Now when the goal is reached for "Loaded" and Anders Fransson, the car will go to a new happy owner. But the car will not be sold in the usual way. Instead it will be sold through a unique bid via the site "It works in the way that the person placing the lowest unique bid gets the car. That means you could place a bid of 2 euro and get the car! It is a great chance for enthusiasts and others to get this very special car for a very special price! It is also a good way for us to repay everyone for all the support we have received in this project," said Fransson.

The car is inspected and approved in Germany via TüV, meaning that it is completely legal to drive in Germany.
"One of the goals of the project has always been to keep the car in a state usable for the regular road. But for sure it requires a lot from the driver and we hope that the new owner of the car can handle the reputation and loaded history of the car," said Fransson with a smile.

A movie showing the complete lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife will be available at within a few days. But you can already register today to take part in the bidding via the site!


The car is approved and inspected by TüV. The engine, with supercharger, produce around 530 rear wheel horse power and is prepared by ESS Tuning in Norway. Brakes and dampers are upgraded and a rollcage has been fitted for safety. The weight of the car has been reduced with carbonfibre parts like the bonnet, fenders, bumpers, doors and roof. Aerodynamic aids like a rear wing and front splitter are mounted to make the car more stable at high speeds.

The modifications and fine tuning have been done by BMW-guru Tom Schirmer at Schirmer Race Engineering in Germany.

BMW M3 CSL E46 2003/07

Weight: 1427 kg, with driver and 30L fuel.
Engine: 3.2 liter straight six with 10,5:1 compression. Vortech watercooled supercharger, extra oilcooling, modified fuelsystem with catchtank.
Output: 532,71 rwhp / 0.85bar / 98 octane
Torque: 483,67 nm / 0.85bar / 98 octane
Driveline: 3:91 differential, sachs sinter clutchkit, 6-speed SMGII gearbox.
Brakes: AP Racing calipers, Performance Friction (PFC) discs and PFC racepads.
Wheels (front): BBS 10x18 ET 40, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup R 265/35/18, 15mm spacer.
Wheels (rear): BBS 11x18 ET 35, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup R 295/30/18, 12mm spacer.
Exhaustsystem: Supersprint lightweight racingsystem with racecats.
Exterior: Carbonfibre hood, boot, roof and fenders.
Interior: Recaro Pole Position raceseats with 6-point harness. FIA-approved lightweight rollcage.

Richard Göransson:

Richard Göransson is one of Sweden's fastest drivers ever. The list of accomplishments is long with among other things double Swedish Touring Car Championship titles, European Formula Ford champion and class victory in Nürburgring 24-hours (driving with the legendary Hans-Joachim Stuck). Göransson has become some what of a Nürburgring specialist with five race events and approximately 300 laps around the 20.8 km long track since 2004.

Age: 28
Lives: Örebro / Sweden
Merits: STCC champion 2004 and 2005, FIA ETC Cup Champion 2005, class victory in Nürburgring 24-hours 2007, European Champion of Formula Ford 2001.

Nürburgring Nordschleife:

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is considered to be the most challenging track in the world. The track spans over 20.8 km and has got almost all types of corners, extremely fast and very slow. Legendary F1-driver Jackie Stewart invented the famous nickname for the track - The Green Hell. Until 1976 F1-races were held at the track. The absolute lap record around the track is 6:11.13 was set by Stefan Bellof in a Porsche 956 back in 1983. During scheduled times of almost the entire year the track is open for the public where you can take your own car around the track.

First race: 18 June 1927
Lenght: 20,832 km
Number of corners: 73 (33 left, 40 right)
Largest decent: 17%
Largest rise: 11%
Highest point: 620 meters
Lowest point: 320 meters


Check out the vid this car just is nasty.

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Bad ass. Nuff said.
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