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BNIB GReddy Spectrum Elite SE exhaust

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Keeping car stock for a bit/need money lol...looking for [STRIKE]$1000[/STRIKE] $950 (~$200 cheaper than any vendor!!!)

I'm in SoCal but willing to ship.

Here's a review of it:

Sound clips:

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I'm interested pm me....
I thought you sold it to me already? Lol
hang on to it for me...might pick it up locally
Awesome, that'd make things so much easier haha. Let me know! There's a chance I might go down to SD this weekend too.
I'll be down there in february for business. if you can't wait till then, i'll just
paypay u before and have you ship it.
cool, sooner is better haha. Are you available this weekend to meet if I end up going to SD?
no, sorry, i have a funeral this weekend
You've got money
your inbox is full again lol

btw SOLD!
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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