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Boost Load Offset and Boost Target Engine Load

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Ok so my offset is 47 and my target load is 86 at WOT, which sums to 133. I'm hitting ~26psi of boost though, so someone explain this to me, since everywhere I have read it seems to indicate that a total load (offset + target) of like 280+ would hit 26psi not 133. Does a 3port make these numbers basically meaningless and you have to work from the ground up?
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Sounds like you are PSI based tuned, not Load based tuned. Don't look at the numbers in your Load tables, as they won't look right.

47 in Target Load means that your Atmospheric Boost table reads 14.5.

Normally Target load tables are 80+.
Yeah. If you are within 10 tq of blowing your motor, it will probably blow anyways.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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