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Boost pressure lower when installed uicp?

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When I had the stock pipes on I was hitting 24 PSI on WOT. I installed the Turbo Trix UICP last week. I did a little test to see what it's hitting. On WOT with UICP I hit 18 -20 PSI? Is that normal? My first turbo car just FYI.
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im going to say its normal do to less restriction. But im not 100% since i pretty much installed all my bolt ons at the same time and my boost went from 22psi to 30psi.
Could it possibly be boost leak?
possibly, just make sure all your hoses are on and your clamps are tight.
Could it possibly be boost leak?
It absolutely could be a boost leak.
HAHA just spent 1 hour 30 min hooking it up right. Upon inspecting the uicp. The pipe slide right off where in connect with the intercooler it self. I orginally put the pipe on without taking the bumper off. Well it took 1 hour 30 min to remove the bumper and tight up clamps properly. Now I'm hitting 28 psi on WOT!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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