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Bought Evo X last week. What the HELL is with this!?

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The tread on the tires on the left of the car is moving forward (normal).
The tread on the right of the car is moving backward (WTF).

The dealer said that since there aren't arrows on the tires that they arent directional. They said that since they all say "outside" on them, they are installed correctly. I say bull****. Really they could just all be left side tires.

Here's the weird part... They have another Evo (blue) at the dealership. I went in and looked at that one, and sure enough the tread is going forward on the left, and backward on the right.

I just CANNOT wrap my head around the fact that this might be the way its supposed to be.

Someone set me straight please... 'cause I am pretty dumb.

By the way, I LOVE MY EVO X. The transmission (shifting) is even starting to smooth out.
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The tires are asymmetrical, not uni-directional like the ADVAN A046s.
Maybe their supposed to be that way :theeye:
Maybe their supposed to be that way :theeye:
Yes they are :thumbup:
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