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bov to make recirculate do i need to retune

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hi i got a 2010 gsr a year ago i got my car tuned i got it tuned with the bov my question is if i make it recirculate do i need to retune the car again iv kinda got annoyed of the bov and makes the ride rough i have the SSQV if i can i want to get the kit that makes it recirculate.
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you got it tune and your idle is still rough?
if your going to recirc you will need an retune your going to be increasing mixture of air/fuel. if your running 24-26 psi i would pop the stock bov back on and pull the SSQV out the mix or get a different BOV/DV and a new tune. also your stated surge , are you sure that not just flutter from being part throttle?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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