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Buschur Racing Evolution X Upper & Lower Intercooler Pipes Review
Please see my upgraded Buschur Intercooler Review first, as this review is for the additional Upper & Lower intercooler pipes.
I knew that an upgraded front mount intercooler was going to be part of the performance upgrades. My plan was to also change the piping as the stock setup was better than normal, but from appearance alone it had to go.
Since early January, I knew there was going to be many piping options for the engine compartment but what sold me was the entire lineup from Buschur, working in conjunction with their large core intercooler upgrade.
The Upper & Lower intercooler pipes are a perfect replacement from the stock pieces and fit wonderful. If I didn’t purchase the intercooler then I wouldn’t do the lower pipes, but since I have a need for more power in my Evo X. I bought all three parts, and I did the installation all at once because my biggest fear was removing the front bumper, but with the help of a friend this was a breeze.
Everything needed for the install was provided, couplings, clamps, and hardware. Once the bumper is removed, it takes very little time. The hardest part is keeping track of all the factory plastic clips when removing your bumper .
The performance gains are definitely noticeable immediately after the installation; I especially felt the difference in second gear, through fifth. The highway responsiveness is improved, and overtaking is much better with the intercooler and piping. I chose polished upper pipes and brushed lower pipes, as they are not very easily seen.
Clean Design with mounting brackets
304 Stainless Steel
Works on Factory intercooler or Buschur Upgrade
Enhanced engine bay appearance from stock
Keeps Intake temps down
Direct replacement to Stock
Works well with supporting performance mods
Polished finish is easy to scratch when working in engine bay
Fuel mileage effect (only because you want to step on it more )
I would recommend this Upper & Lower pipe combination to any Evo X owner considering an intercooler because together the results are proven and immediately noticeable.


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You've been warned about not including links to non AVs before. Please DO NOT let it happen again.

We don't allow people to link or give contact info out to businesses that aren't approved merchants here. However, please feel free to post the pictures of the product and discuss it. We want to keep the flow of information free here!

We do this to protect our members from being ripped off, and also because it would be free advertising which is not fair to our supporting merchants.

Thanks for your understanding.

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I have posted reviews on your forum before in the past, from different companies that I have purchased products from. In the exact same format as the above post, please modify my post as necessary as I was never told anything before. Sorry for the confusion.

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Here's a PM I sent you back in February:

Private Message: Hey Recipients: my12secevo
02-25-2008, 09:36 AM Kooldino

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Just a head's up - while we appreciate your reviews of Evo X parts, please don't link the websites of businesses that aren't Approved Merchants on the forums.

Approved Merchants can be found here:

I've also edited the links out in a few of your other threads and put a note up to mention that.
Anyway, point is, feel free to post them, just don't put the URL or contact info in the post unless they're approved merchants here.

Anyway, back on topic!
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