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Buschur Racing testpipe with Magnaflow Muffler

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As far as I know this is a one of a kind. Big thanks to David and the crew for making this for me. Fitment was spot on as it always is with Buschur Racing Evo parts. I have the BR True Dual exhaust now with a Magnaflow "Quiet Version". To me it wasnt all that loud... not compaired to my IX LOL! So putting a straight pipe on it I think would have been to loud. I asked David if there was anything he could do to help me out. He said "yep no problem, I have the guys working on it now". A week later it came and boy was I surprised. I had them put an extra bung in it for me for a wideband hook up, and another for the rear o2. I wanted an extra bung for my rear o2 cause I knew what worked on my IX back in the day to keep my engine light off. So far so good on this 1 to with 100 miles on it so far. The car now I think is quieter with the testpipe than with the cat cruising and idle, at WOT it has that "GET ER DONE" sound.
Anyways thank you Buschur Racing. For the past 7 years you have provided me the highest quality parts for both of my Evo's! Further more I wanna thank you for your friendship and the willing to always help out when needed.

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