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Buschur VS AMS

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I had a question on two different types of exhaust.. First Is the Buschur Racing Evo X 3" SS Dual Catback Exhaust w/Bullet Muffler.. and the second is the AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Racing Series Cat-Back Exhaust System.

I currently have this Buschur Exhaust but was thinking about moving towards the AMS.. any suggestions?
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I have the Buschur exhaust.. I too love the sound but don't find myself caring too much for the exhaust tips.. I like the dual exhaust look but the tips just don't do it for me.. I had thought about chopping the tips off and having some nicer looking ones welded on in their place.. perhaps its another option for you to think about :)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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