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Probably makes many people, which a plan to buy them, wonder whether they should buy it or not... Including me, that is

What is wrong with X anyways? So many problems, with little miles on them... It's just wrong, you know.

Because of it, I'm probably gonna cancel out my plan to buy X

To every X owners. Did you guys mad at the flaws on your car? And did Mitsubishi takes notes seriously to your complains?

And did anybody out there is not having a 'slight' problem at all?

Did you guys regret buying X?
Every new production car has problems, Try reading the BMW Forums.
Even the HONDA forum, Even back when the Lexus Is300 1st came out.
I had to bring my Is300 in for 3 recalls, And many issue ,So even Toyota cant get away with 1st year models having problems. They all have little known issues. ECU Just needs to be reflash. and that to me is just a small issue.

I have not seem any post of an EVO-X engine blowing up.Or transmission failure,Transfer case coming apart, nothing major.
If you don't mind taking trips to your dealership to get little issues worked out then go ahead and get one.If not then just wait until 2009 model years.
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