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buying evo X

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I am counting down the time until i buy my evo x, and was hoping i could get some help.

i want the SSS package with the evo but don't want the larger spoiler...i would like to keep the smaller spoiler..does anybody know if the dealer would do this or anything.. thanks for the help.
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Plenty of people here, or on other Evo sites might want to trade you their small wing for the large wing. You should check that option out, but you may want to also get cash from the person, since the big wing is worth a lot more.
Try asking this question to the Mitsu Superstore guys, in their section. They're pretty helpful.
You still have the option to possibly swap trunks/wings after the fact, it could be a hassle, but I'm sure you could find someone willing to do so. Just get your post rate up & post in the for sale section here & other places.
you can swap, but will have to fill in the holes & repaint. maybe aftermarket might have something, but a lot of those wings look ghetto & end up on riced out Honduhs
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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