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Been chasing down 4 ABS/ASC codes for awhile now. The codes are as follows:
U0125 - Sensor cluster CAN timeout
U0251 - AWC CAN(local) timeout
C1290 - Fail safe mode(Lost of CAN data)
U1003 - Sensor cluster Bus-off

I have found one other thread with someone experiencing the same codes. His issue was the G/Yaw Sensor. We have replaced that, nothing changed. Other things we have replaced are:
ABS Pump and recoded
ETACS and recoded
Yaw/G Sensor
ABS Sensors
Calibrated all sensors
Checked/Cleaned all chassis grounds

I'm at a loss on what to replace next. Engine ECU? Chassis wire harness? If you have any ideas, please let me know. Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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