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car pulling left after tire install

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So Just got a set of conti DWS put on for winter. I noticed that when ever I'm on the gas the car pulls to the driver side, as soon as I let off It corrects itself and drives straight as an arrow. The car drive straight as can be when coasting but as soon as I give it gas it goes left, The higher the speed and harder I give it gas the worse it is. What could be causing this?
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My car pulled to the Left , but it only around this one turn and i found that it was the road surface on that turn wierd that my scion hits that same curve at same speed and it doesnt pull. think the smart all wheel drive is just getting confused on that turn due to the road conditions.

What are your road conditions like if they are like va there is not many smooth patches of road.

but defently check the balancing as well..
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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