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CES 2008: Cobra Nav One 5000 keeps Baby Boomers on track, ticket free

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Thanks to World War II vets returning in huge numbers way back in the 50s, America's drivers are getting older, their glasses are getting thicker, and gadget manufacturers are paying attention.

Take Cobra, for example. Their new Nav One 5000 portable GPS unit features oversized icons and text on its 5-inch touch screen so that even those of us with bifocals can see just what we're clicking on. Cobra says the display's icons are 50% larger than their competition and the LCD's backlighting is enhanced for improved visibility. Cobra also decided to make the screen more vertical than some GPS units, which they say provides 20% more of the road ahead of you instead of to the sides.

The 5000 features red-light and speed camera warnings, as well as all the usual GPS features like Bluetooth integration, text-to-speech, real-time traffic updates and maps upgradeable via your computer's USB port.

Cobra also brags about the 5000's My Favorite Brands feature. Choose your favorite stores and restaurants from a list of 600 well-known brands, and with just a touch of the screen, your preferred names show up on the map.

Cobra's Nav One 5000 is on sale now for MSRP of $510 with an additional $160 for a 15-month traffic subscription.

Read Cobra's full press release after the jump.

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Cool. Now when are they going to build a radar dector into it like I've been saying for the past year now?
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