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Pioneer says its newest GPS unit, the memorably-named AVIC-F500BT (fondly called the AVIC LINC by its creators), "changes the face of navigation."

Foremost, it's an in-dash GPS device bringing everything you expect from a high-end direction-finder. In addition to those standard features, the AVIC-F500BT brags of 1.2 million points of interest, has an SD slot for updating your system's navigational information and uses MSN traffic, weather and gas price information.

LINC is an acronym for Lifestyle Innovation Network Console, and it's what makes the F500BT more interesting than most GPS boxes. Using Pioneer's "VoiceBox Conversational Voice Search Platform," basically an advanced voice recognition system, you can totally control your iPod or other MP3 players as well as your Bluetooth-connected phone.

Much like Ford's SYNC, Pioneer's LINC lets you ask your system for a song or your phone to dial a number.

Unlike Ford's SYNC, LINC is compatible with most OEM systems and aftermarket head units according to Pioneer.

There wasn't a chance to try out the system at Pioneer's Sunday morning press conference, but we hope to get our hands on one later in the week. At the press conference, Pioneer reiterated its objective to be a top-end automotive aftermarket supplier. Larry Rougas, Pioneer mobile business group's VP of marketing, said, "We are car people. We are all about pulse rates, not bit rates."

Check out high-res photos here, and read the entire press release after the jump.

Gallery: CES 2008: Pioneer Avic-F500BT LINC

Continue reading CES 2008: Pioneer takes on SYNC with LINC

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I love it! I was hoping that a company would take notice of Microsoft's Sync and do their own thing. I'm sure even more will follow.

This will be a great alternative to the stock mitsu navigation.
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