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If the Chevy Volt were a 150 mpg dairy cow, the General's marketing department would have a hand on every utter. The Volt is still more than two years from production, and the series hybrid is all over the Internet, TV, and magazines. When a vehicle promises as much as the Volt does, though, any update is big news. This time, engineers have come up with a computer algorithm to accelerate battery durability testing. The test increases battery testing from ten years to two by duplicating real-life vehicle speed and cargo-carrying conditions in a controlled environment while constantly recharging the batteries. The next step for the Volt is test mules that can put GM's e-Flex system through more unpredictable conditions like snow storms and Michigan potholes.

Since the Volt's 375-pound battery pack resides down the center of the car and beneath its rear seats, GM had some unique packaging issues to optimize interior space. Volt design director Tim Greig described the Volt's four seats as far apart from one another, which gives the vehicle's occupants more personal space. Designers had to be keenly aware of aerodynamics when designing the Volt, which means a lower roof-line, yet a 6' 2" adult can fit in any of the four seats. For more on the Generals Chevy Volt update, go to Autoblog Green, or hit the jump to check out GM's press release.Continue reading Charge! GM gives update on Volt development, describes interior

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