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Check out my custom EVO!!

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So the wheels are on the paint is done, hope you guys like it. The wheels are 19 inch AXIS hiro's. Evan at Vivid Racing helped a lot, had to jump through some hoops to get the wheels to be right.
Here is the day we picked it up.

Here is what it looks like now!!!

This is probably my favorite
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Really like the paint job and the wheels go with it very well. Good work man!
you know what i like the wheels but it's the gap that is killing the looks of evo x. dropped it even for just an inch it will look so much better even with stock wheels. your car is BORN AGAIN.
will springs void the warrenty?
will springs void the warrenty?
nope. let's say you got a problem from your tranny or motor or steering. if that is not the cause of the problem it will not void. is that the wheels that wont fit before?
Umm I'm no hater, but its not my cup of Evo Tea!! Customize away though, :thumbup:
Oh dear!

I believe I just made a romance explosion on your monitor...yours is definitely unique!!! :thumbup:
I believe I just made a romance explosion on your monitor...yours is definitely unique!!! :thumbup:
I just got a limp noodle!:(

I just got a limp noodle!:(
What kind of wheel would you put on your X then?! It's all good and would love to see different combinations.:+1:
wow.... very nice job! ur evo is one of a kind :thumbup:
I'm with Meero. I like the wheels except for the polished lip...I'm alergic to polished lips. Looks like it might look better in person though
will springs void the warrenty?
FYI, the installation of an aftermarket part alone will not "void" an auto warranty unless the dealer can prove that the problem for which a warranty claim is being made caused the problem per the Magnusom-Moss Act... ...
My only gripe is that I think it would look better if the center of the rims matched the spokes.

Aside from that, looks good!
Love it man! I agree with Dino about the rims, but other than that it's perfect! Keep on :rock:!!
I like it :)

Subtle, neat and nice...

In my eyes despite the wheels being 19's they still look small on the car - probably that particular design with the spokes curving inward inside the outer lip...

If I get a 10, I think I'm going to invest in a set of 20's...may reduce performance a little, but I want the look :)
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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