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Chicago 2008: GMC Denali XT: Four door, flex-fuel, hybrid Ute!

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Click on the Denali XT for a high-res gallery

Another embargo bites the dust, but at least it made it this far. Read on for all the details on the GMC Denali XT Concept.

Ever since it became know that the GM would be bringing the Pontiac G8 to the US market from Australia, fans of the old El Camino have been salivating for them to bring over the Holden "Ute" as well. For the uninitiated, the Australians use the term "Ute" to describe utility vehicles which are car based pickup trucks. Both Holden and Ford offer Utes based on their rear-wheel-drive passenger car platforms.

Camino fans can now relax because the first US iteration is arriving in Chicago this week and it's got some interesting twists. The GMC Denali XT concept is based on the Holden Crewman which is a four door variant of the Commodore with a pickup truck bed on the back. While this layout is nothing new to our friends Down Under, what is unique is the power-train and it provides some interesting hints as to what we might be seeing in this and other vehicles from the General. Read on to find out more.

Gallery: GMC Denali XT Hybrid Concept

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