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We've already seen the teaser put out by Ford of its new Focus RS, but the crew at Autobild - a bastion of journalist integrity in Germany - has reportedly dropped the first ever shots of Ford's hottest of hot hatches. Rolling on 18-inch OZ wheels and sporting many of the front-end elements seen in the teaser, our first reaction to this supposed exclusive first peek was, "That looks like a Focus ST with a nose job and some photochopped wheels."

The profile shot is the most glaringly obvious design foible. It's hard to imagine any production model with its wheels shoved that snug up against the fender liner - not to mention the horrid lighting. Another noteworthy skepticism includes the fact that the OZ rollers don't have the blue center-cap that's shown on the rolling shots. So we're calling "foul," unless one of our German-speaking readers can give us translation of the text where Autobild admits that it's a mockup. Top tippage Joe!

[Source: Autobild via FocalJet]
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