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Christer Lundem hits the Nurburgring NISSAN GT-R R35

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Those guys were having a LOT of fun.
Too much fun
Muy Bueno Fun!
Man that would be a great time. I will own one of those some day.....

No more P-car for me.
Could not pass the GT3?
Could not pass the GT3?
I think he said "without brakes" right? So I guess he had to be a little more conservative maybe?
Could not pass the GT3?
did you not watch the entire video?
That was awesome! haha they were having a blast out there
GAAAHHH that looks like so much fun. I have a friend who just went to Germany and went to the Germany WRC and did 10 laps on the ring in some track prepped car. Said it was the best experience of his life.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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