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Hello I have a 2015 Evo X GSR

Recently I have noticed that my clutch is slipping. It's noticeable especially in 3rd and 4th gear.

Its still on its original clutch. I do have a bit of mods and it's been dynoed around 320 WHP. We're thinking of transitioning to E85 and 400 HP.
Situation: right now it is my daily vehicle and it's at 60,0xx miles. To put E85 tune in my Evo isn't in the budget anytime soon.
So my question is, is it smart to go ahead and get a high performance clutch or just stay with OEM? Which clutches do you guys recommend bang per buck? Do I need to get the flywheel along with other clutch kits I see (some kits don't include the flywheel)? I hear about the pill and some run better with out?
Thank you for your input!
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