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Clutch pedal falls

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hey everyone,

so the other night on my commute home, i engaged the clutch to remove the car from gear while parking. this is where the problem occurs, the pedal did not disengage and just stayed at the floor. when inspecting it, there was no leaks, the pedal could be pulled back up or pushed down but there is no tension keeping it off the floor. i currently have an exedy stage 2 clutch and ACT flywheel. the clutch has enough bite left it in however i have noticed that it has been softer lately, the shifts smooth out by on their own and just doesnt feel like it grips as hard as it used to but certainly doesnt slip.

if it is not a leak why else would the pedal not come back up? the slave wasnt broken or anything.

any help is appreciated.
thank you guys
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Cmc took a shit
^ That
are you saying the cmc is shot? wouldnt that mean fluid all over the place lol. there is no leaky fluid anywhere. or do you mean bleed the lines
Do a search for cmc on the forum. That will give you your answers
yup, the stock cmc failed or is failing. time to replace with a better one
fan- fucking- tastic. ssp or magnus kit?
I did the magnus kit a few months back and it has been great. No complaints.
I'd go with magnus.
yup i got the magnus kit w new evo 9 slave cylinder from map performance
Either SSP or a Magnus will do! AMS is releasing their version soon, but any other than stock would do.
magnus for sure. too bad there was onbody to suggest that you change the CMC when you change your clutch...
magnus it is
and does anyone know of any other way to get the car in gear in this situation, im trying to figure out a way to get it up my fairly steep driveway.
magnus period.........
has anyone seen this CMC?|GRP60006_____

seems to be available at Advanced Auto Parts and they claim it is an exact fit for the Evo X. even though the mounting bracket looks like it would never work.
That's the slave, not the master.
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