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I received a message on June 23th 2016 that my car is ready to be picked up. When I arrived there, it stood directly in front of me and I couldn’t stop grinning like a little boy. :D



It’s a 2011 Evo X MR with almost 53k km with the following mods (original parts were handed as well):

  • dark LED taillights "L-Style"
  • tinted rear windows
  • Torque Solutions short antenna
  • cleaned rear with back up camera
  • front & rear fenders pulled & rolled, front wheel arch liners trimmed

  • updated MMCS
  • Takata Race 4 Snap harness (FIA until 2018)

- KW V3 coilovers

  • Carbonetic SCR-PRO 2-pieces front slotted discs, 350mm x 32mm
  • Carbonetic R-Spec pads
  • Goodridge SS lines

  • Rays Gram Lights 57C6 18x9.5” ET25 in Velvet Marine with Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 265/35 R18
  • OEM GSR Enkei 18x8.5“ ET38 with Pirelli Sottozero 245/40 R18

  • J-Spec Performance Power Kit V2 (400PS/570Nm)
  • AMS intake Ø76mm in wrinkle black with K&N conic air filter
  • AMS intercooler
  • AMS upper intercooler pipe in wrinkle black
  • SSP SST front mount transmission cooler kit

- Tanabe Concept G Blue catback

Original Parts



The reason why I chose the Evo X MR with SST is because of daily drivability (it’s much more convenient to drive if you got stuck in a traffic jam :p). The Evo 6 TME is still my dream car but too sporty for a daily. At this time I could only afford one car because of available space. This is the reason why I had a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart sedan. It’s a great daily with enough power and has lot of space with the folding backseats. After the crash, I didn’t want another Ralliart because it will never be the same as I once had. I invested way too much money in that car with big mods. So it has to be something better from the start. So the Evo X MR comes into play and I was willing to sacrifice the trunk space. If I need to transport something large, I will just ask to borrow my parent’s car. Ok, enough philosophized, now back to actual thread. :whistle:

When I sat in my new Evo X, I had a special feeling. Firstly, it was my overwhelming joy to finally own an Evo to fulfill my childhood dream. :giggle: Then again, the interior is almost identically to my Ralliart that was crashed (I had a brief flashback). :confused: After turning on the ignition and hearing the sound of the engine, the feeling of happiness suppressed the bad memory. :D It was just heavenly to listen to the whooshing sound of the cold air intake. :love: As expected there was a big traffic jam on the motorway on the way back home. I couldn’t resist playing with the gas pedal just to listen to the intake sound. :LOL: Surely the other driver must have thought what a stu**d driver that was who accelerates quickly and brakes hard all the time. :ROFLMAO:

Back home, I had to make a brief joy ride with my brother to boast him my new Evo. I wanted to test the suspension and exhaust on a spirited driving through the backroads. :cool: I can just tell that the Tanabe exhaust sounds really nice and I liked it. Especially the pop and bangs after shifting which is like my shout of joy. :LOL:(y) I wasn’t so happy with the suspension. This road where I often do my spirited driving has some bumpy sectors and the Evo was set a bit too low. So the wheels sometimes come in contact with the fender. :cautious: A new alignment needs to be done. Otherwise the Evo felt similar to my Ralliart. No wonder because of what I had changed at my Ralliart and how much money I had spent. :whistle:

But the best is that I now own an Evo and the sound it emits is just music to my ears. :love::LOL:(y)

Back home, I checked the rear fenders and I just noticed that I ripped the inner wheel arch liner. Aaaarghhh, just on the first day I broke something on my new car. :mad: Well this needs to be fixed.

The next morning, I drove with lot of noise to work which lifted the day. :cool::LOL:After work I drove with less noise to keep everything under the radar. :p Afterwards, I did another spirited driving with my brother with his WRX. Here are some pictures of our cars. :cool:(y)




Here are some pics of engine bay and Takata harness.




Well, the second day after owning this Evo has come to an end and I still cannot believe that I finally own one. It’s a great car and just a lot of fun to drive. :D

Sorry about the many emoticons but I couldn’t express my joy better. :p

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Mod Update 1 – The Spirit of Competition (26.06.2016)

When I was at the Nürburgring Nordschleife with my Ralliart for the first time, I felt a spirit of competition and this was the opening of my racing era. This is the reason why there is the sticker on the hood. :cool:(y)Because of this incident, my Ralliart was put to a stop.


Even though it’s the final end of this car, the spirit of competition still remains here and has been transferred with a new color onto my new Evo X. :)


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Going out for a drive (26.06.2016)

I couldn’t hold any longer and had to drive the Evo again. So I did another spirited driving with my brother. :LOL: Here are some pictures along the way. :cool:(y)











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1st Carwash escalated (18.07.2016)

On this beautiful day after fortnight vacation I did the carwash for the first time. :cool:(y)



After I washed the exterior it was time to clean the interior. When I removed the trunk carpet, the trunk floor was too dirty for my taste. So I decided on impulse to remove all the trunk trims to be able to clean everything. :p




I even went as far as removing the backseat to be able to clean there as well. :LOL:



Then I fell for the race car look and wanted to gut the whole interior, install cage, bucket seat with harness and other performance parts so that I could race on every racetrack in Europe. That’s what the Evo are for. ;)

OK, back to reality. If I have more time, I would gut the whole interior to clean everything. I just like doing stuff like this and it’s also interesting for me to see what’s underneath the interior trims. :)

Here is a short overview what I’ve planned to do with my Evo:

Stage 0: Keep it as it is now shown in the pictures.

Stage 1: Remove unnecessary stuff (weight reduction) and if needed for trip or the like, just add backseat.

Stage 2: If I got another car as daily (maybe Ralliart Sportback), then the Evo will be gutted with cage etc. fitted. Then it will be 2-seater permanently.

Stage 3: Performance & Power parts to withstand the track abuse and will be my ultimate tracktool, but it still needs to be road legal.

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Check Underside (26.07.2016)

After I’ve removed the trunk liners and the backseat a question came up in my mind how the underside would look like. :unsure:

So I went to my father’s workplace because they have a lift in the washing room to be able to check it out. First, I admired the Tanabe exhaust and was happy that it was still in good condition. (y)



OK, I could polish it to enhance its look but I don’t ever plan to use my Evo as a show car. For now it would suffice for my purpose and I kept it in back of my head that I would polish the muffler only if I have time.

Now back to the core of this topic: to check out the underside!

Unfortunately, the frame rail of this lift is way too big to be able to see the whole underside so that I couldn’t take reasonable pictures. That’s why I show this only good one.


For me it’s in a very good condition even though this Evo had been used in winter too and I was very happy with the purchase. :)

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Tanabe sound check

Here I made a short video clip of the Tanabe catback on startup, holding at 3k rpm and to redline.


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1st trip on Swiss mountains (30.07.2016)

With the Evo X I did something what I’ve never done before with the Ralliart. :D

On this day I did a trip on Swiss mountains for the first time. With the Ralliart, I mostly went to racetracks and now it’s the opposite with the Evo. :LOL:

We went with 3 cars: Evo X (me & my fiancée), Subaru WRX (my brother & his friend) and Subaru BRZ (my brother other friend). This time I put the silencer to keep the noise level to a minimum because I wasn’t sure how the situation would be there (it’s only road legal for the Tanabe with the silencers). In Swiss, they are too sensitive about the noise and at worst they could impound my car just because of that. I know it’s pretty over the top but I guess it’s famous for Swiss to have way too high penance compared to Germany. :poop:

After a long drive on the motorway with my brother we met his friends at the train station in Alpnachstad. Here is the first picture of my clean Evo (I just washed it yesterday). :cool:(y)


Afterwards, we went to the gas station OWI-Land in Giswil to refill our fuel tanks. ;)


Then we drove together through the Brünigpass and here is already the first disappointment. :( I couldn’t do a spirited driving there because of too much traffic. In walking pace we chugged along the little road until we turned to Sustenpass. There was much better to drive without any obstacles. Unfortunately, I had fun for a very short time. I was in the last row, my brother in the middle and his friend in front of him. In front of his friend has to be a newbie driver who slowed us down way too much. :rolleyes: I was pretty annoyed that I couldn’t drive the Evo as it was meant to do and cursed at this newbie. Why of all places he had to be in front of us. I came from a long way to this place for a nice spirited driving. I couldn’t overtake 4 of them because of constant oncoming traffic so I tried to remain calm and just enjoyed the scenery because it was really breathtaking. There were snow-covered mountains under the clear sky. :love:(y)

After a short while I had enough and saw a gap, so I overtook my brother and that was it. We just drove slowly uphill to the top of Sustenpass and there we parked our cars to enjoy the view.


Afterwards we drove downhill and there were no hindrance which was great for me, but it’s not so fun driving downhill compared to driving uphill. So I mostly rolled down and then we were on the way to the Gotthardpass. When we arrived there to have lunch I couldn’t find a good parking spot so there is an unspectacular picture.


From Gotthardpass, we continue our tour and the Nufenenpass was the next one. Finally, we were alone so we could do a spirited driving. :cool:(y) I was very happy to be able to drive fast around the bends. The intake noise was just lovely and I still could hear some pop and bangs from the exhaust, even though I installed the silencer. My fiancée could only smirk because I acted like a little boy. :LOL: Somewhere along the way we had to stop for a little break because her stomach couldn’t handle my driving. So we used this opportunity to take some pictures.


When she felt better we continued our drive upwards to the top of Nufenenpass. We took a longer break to enjoy the view. Unfortunately big clouds came up and there were a soft drizzle. That’s why I took out the window vents.



Afterwards we drove towards Grimselpass, our final one for the day. When arriving there we had a little photo shooting with our cars. :D




Then we went to the Grimselsee and admired the dam. After that we all drove back to the gas station OWI-Land in Giswil to refill again. We bid farewell and drove our way back home. At home I could clean my rims from heavy brake dust. :whistle:

The mountain tour was a special event for me and I had lot of fun if the road was empty. It’s a great feeling to do spirited driving with lot of bends and beautiful scenery. :cool:(y) Even though I prefer tracks like Spa-Francorchamps or Nürburgring Nordschleife because there I could drive as fast I want without worrying about overstepping the speed limit and risk heavy tickets. At racetracks I could feel the compression or g-force. :love: At the mountain roads I had to be cautious of oncoming traffic, mostly biker who sometimes comes in my way around corners. :oops: There will be much more mountain tours in the future because Switzerland offers a lot of these. :)(y)

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1st trip on Swiss mountains (30.07.2016) - addendum

I received Gopro pictures and videoclips of the tour from my brother’s friend and wanted to show you too. Because my brothers WRX has sunroof it was possible to make much cooler shots than with mine that was attached to the windscreen. If I hadn’t been so far away there would be much better view of the backside of my Evo. :p






Maybe I could create same perspective if I remove the headliner. I need to test it out. :cool:

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Sustenpass (01.08.2016)

Two days after the tour I went with my fiancée to the Aareschlucht in Meiringen with a stop at the Lake Lungern. We both have day off and she has never been there before, that’s why I surprised her there because I wanted to make her happy (and I for myself as well at a later time). :whistle: At the viewpoint to the Lake Lungern, I wanted to take a picture of my Evo for the calendar. You have to be very lucky to catch a perfect timing with no one around. I didn’t have this luck, because there was a coach full of Chinese people that were roaming all over the place. I waited patiently so that I could take a nice picture but failed. :rolleyes: That’s why there’s only this one picture. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.


After that we drove towards Aareschlucht and also took some pictures along the way like this one below.


When we had our nice stay there it was finally my turn. I wanted to drive the Sustenpass again hoping that there will be much less traffic as last time we went there with friends. This is the sole reason why we went to this place. :LOL:

First I took this starting picture,


then it was time for a spirited driving uphill because the road was empty. Switched to the S-Sport mode, checked the GoPro if everything works fine and checked the road again. Then I blasted away and it was really great and fun to drive. I wanted to go from the bottom to the top in one swoop. :cool: After a short while I had to abort the drive because my fiancée was ranting. Turned to the next stopi asked her what was wrong and she replied that she’s feeling upset and needed a break. I was speechless and was scratching my head how come she had a problem with spirited driving around the bends. :unsure: She was in almost every track, even at the Nordschleife, with me as co-driver and never had a problem. While she was calming down I took some pictures of my Evo.



Afterwards, I just drove gently for her and she explained to me that she couldn’t handle the rapid change of directions around the bends, the Nordschleife was her limit. Alright, next time I better go alone. There, we took many stops to enjoy the scenery and I also took some pictures. (y)




At the top of Sustenpass, we took a longer break and walked around this place. Of course the obligatory Evo-shot shouldn’t be missed. :p


Then we drove downhill on the other side back home and also took one last picture.


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Short Trip (07.08.2016)

On this day I did another short trip around my area and took some pictures. :cool:(y)





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