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Trackday Hockenheimring – Ausblasen (30.310.2016)

On Eastern I should have driven on the Hockenheimring with the Ralliart but it wasn’t possible because I had cooling issue and didn’t want to risk engine failure. This is the reason I didn’t get a start number. Luckily I could rebook the trackday called Ausblasen in the end of October. Thank you very much to the organizer. :)(y)

On Saturday afternoon we (me, my fiancée, my brother and my friend) drove together in my Evo to the Hotel Ramada in Hockenheim to spend the night. In the next early morning, after the breakfast, we drove to the Hockenheimring.


I put my Evo in the box with the group Dieziger (the one who rented the box also own a race prepped Evo X) and then I went to the race control building to get the start number. Just after that there was a mandatory briefing.

After that, I went back to my Evo to put on the start number 65.

Before the trackday starts, there’s an opportunity to do some introduction laps and I wanted to take part to get the feeling of this track because it’s been a long time since I raced with the Ralliart the last time. The last time I drove the GP variant and this time it’s the Moto variant and I needed to check out the track outlines so that I won’t drive in the wrong way. Since the introduction lap is a slow one, my fiancée wanted to be my passenger because it won’t be too tiresome for her. :LOL:


My brother and my friend stayed in the pit lane and they took pictures of my Evo. :cool:(y)


After the introduction laps I parked inside the box and prepared the GoPros for the actual trackday because our turn will start in 30mins.


When it was our turn, I put my car in the line and we were waiting for the green light.


This time, my friend was my passenger. At the beginning of this session, I drove couple laps before I went back in the pit to check the tire pressure and let out some air. Even though I’m on street tires I couldn’t drive the Evo as hard as I wanted but it was enough for me for the beginning. The fun is the most important aspect of this day and I didn’t care much about laptimes because I wouldn’t win anything. Then again, it was still annoying for me because I know that I could drive faster if I had semi slicks. :rolleyes:


I did many laps until I didn’t have any brake power respectively the pedal got very soft. So I did 2 cool down laps before entering the box. Unfortunately it didn’t work out between GoPro and the Laptimer app, therefore there’s only this video from the pit stop.

At the box, I checked the brakes and was staggered. :oops:



No wonder I lost the brake power even though it’s filled with racing brake fluid it was cooked and also spilled out. I think I brake way too long. I still need to learn to brake properly (shorter and harder). Besides I still have to find the correct braking point around the track (especially the corner after the Parabolika section). :whistle:

After a while, there was free ride until lunch break where all of the different group could race and I wanted to drive again. This time my brother was my passenger.

In this session I drove quickly until I went off course…

It was quite a shocking experience for me. When the Evo was pointing to the guard rail, I only thought like Sh*******t GO AWAAAAY!!! and turned the wheel quickly like a madman to get away from the guard rail. I didn’t want to go too crazy and crash the Evo and shouldn’t ever afford a mistake like this. :confused: Luckily, nothing serious happened and I was still shaken and needed a break. So I just strolled along the track back to the pit. At this moment a Nissan GT-R R35 crashed hard against a wall and was totaled. At the pit stop I checked the Evo and except full of gravel dust and some pieces of grass entering the backseat thanks to the window vents. :whistle:


The track was closed due to the crash, so I drove inside the box and checked the Evo once more for damages. Then I noticed the gravel damage on rear door, rear quarter and rear right wheel. :(


Well, it’s just cosmetically damage and no real bent metal.

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Trackday Hockenheimring – Ausblasen (30.310.2016) - Continuation

During the lunch break, I went to the gas station to refill the fuel and bought food as well. Back to the track I was thinking if I should continue driving it or not. Soon, I made a decision that I’ll continue it but only slower and more cautious than before. Here are some pics of my Evo and the race prepped one before it’s our turn. :cool:(y)



For the next session, my fiancée was my passenger and we put down some cautious laps.



After a couple laps, she had enough and wanted out. So I went to the pit stop to change the passenger. There I checked the tire pressure for the last time. After that I drove with my friend many laps until the brakes got soft again. After two cooldown laps, I went back to the box.


After a while, I wanted to drive for the last time and my brother was my passenger. My friend and my fiancée went to the grandstand at the Sachs-Corner to take pictures and videos from there for a change of perspective. :)




At this session like the last time I drove quick but cautious as long until I felt that the brakes are getting soft again and after few cooldown laps I went back to the box to end the driving fun at the Hockenheimring. At the box the driver of this race prepped Evo asked me if I wanted to be his passenger. Of course! :LOL: I was excited to see the difference between mine and his. As soon as I sat down I already looked around to find out many interesting things. I also saw some difference between his Evo X RS and my Evo X MR. After a quick chat, he fired up the engine and I already loved the sound of the single exit exhaust and was a little jealous. :cool: My Tanabe doesn’t sound as powerful as his but I need to keep it for street legal reason. It was also a great experience to drive on slicks and I felt more g-force because of the massive amount of grip it generated. The way he handles his RS is like a different world compared to how I handle my MR with SST. His sounded more violent, louder gears banging and the diff whining. Mine in comparison felt calmer, more relaxed and also smooth changing gears. :whistle: With the slicks the Evo always sticks around the corner like on rails whereas mine was fighting with understeering and loud squealing of the street tires. It was very clear for me that I need to do a lot of mods to my Evo to be able to be competitive and more track focused like his. I was still very happy for this experience and thanked him for the exciting ride. I’d like to sit again the next time. :D


After his laps I went to the grandstand to join the others and watching other cars blasting through this corner. When we took our group pics we all went back to my Evo and packed everything. Then we drove back home.


Conclusion about my Evo
Power wise I’m satisfied with my Evo because it pulls nice and compared to other race prepped cars mine didn’t fall too short. I even managed to overtake some. Only the street tires were useless. It’s mandatory to have at least semi slicks to be able to have fun at a trackday. I need to work on my braking technique especially finding the braking points. I also need to work on the ideal line as well and use the whole track width. There’s lot of improvements. With the Project Mu brake disc I’m not so quite happy, because sometimes it rattles hard. The initial bite and the brake force is there, but I’m still not comfortable with the hard rattles (it’s noticeable at some videos I’ve posted). This off course moment shouldn’t have happened but in the end of the day it was a good event and I had my fun. :cool:(y) This is definitely not the last trackday. Next Easter I will continue with semi slicks and I’ll be curious about my lap times. :) The fastest lap I put down before this off course moment was 1min 54s and I cannot say if this is fast or not.

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After Trackday Hockenheimring (31.10.2016)

The next day, I went to my dad’s workplace to install the winter wheels. When I removed the summer wheels, my dad asked if I had secretly painted the front calipers. :LOL:




The rear brake disc looks quite used as well but it’s still usable.



At the wheels, I had to scratch off the rubber leftovers. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of it but the shovel was nearly half full.


Here’s the degree of the gravel excursion. :confused:




The damage was fixed with touch up paint. It doesn’t look tidy or professionally done but I just call it as battle scars. ;)

When I later brought the Evo to the mechanic he was surprised and only laughed because so far I was the only customer who has a black brake calipers from track abuse. I must have made it really hot. If there were a side pic of my Evo while braking, the rotors would be glowing red. Now there comes the expensive thing, the front calipers needed to be revised entirely because the sealing were cooked up and rendered useless. :whistle:

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OEM Evo X GSR Enkei wheels with winter tires (01.11.2016)

When I installed this wheel set, I liked the look of it from the side. I think it suits really well with the Evo X and this would be my perfect winter wheel set. :cool:(y)



But, if watched from different angle, it suddenly looks sh*t because the wheels looks pushed too far inside.(n)



In this case I had to install at least 25mm spacers per wheel or just switch to different set. For this winter I let it on and I’ll have enough time to think of the next set for the next winter. :LOL:

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Schroth QuickFit asm harness (04.11.2016)

Before I’m removing this harness, which I had it from Ralliart, for sale I wanted to show you how I’ve used them.

At the track:



On the way to/back from track:



When someone sat behind:


Here are some pics from the mounting points:




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Mod Update 2 – OEM Evo X GSR Trims & Foglight Delete (21.11.2016)

It’s been a while since I did a mod at my Evo with the Spirit of Competition sticker. :whistle:

This time I replaced the chrome accents at the window trims, chrome front bezel and the white air vents at the hood & fenders with the black one from the GSR. I could have painted or wrapped these in black as well but I wanted 100% authenticity and this is the reason I purchased the original black one from another Evo X owner. Additionally, I removed the fog light and installed the OEM RS one. Now, it looks much better and this is the way the Evo X should look like. Now I let the images speak for me. :LOL:











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Dirty Evo (13.12.2016)

Like every winter, our car gets dirty. Here I’m showing you my dirty one. It was time for another car wash. :whistle:



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Evo X Strip & Weight Reduction Attempt (23.12.2016)

After the thorough cleaning, I parked the car nicely in the middle of my parent’s garage.


And ZACK I’ve removed it and it looks interesting without the rear bumper. :LOL:


I was planning to remove more useless weights but it still needs to be a daily 5 seater. I’ve removed the subwoofer in the trunk and sold it a long time ago. This time I wanted to remove the speakers because I never listen to any radio or music. I still had to find out which one I need to keep it because for the moment it was important for me to be able to listen to the navigation system. After a couple tries with engine startups, I found out that I could remove everything except the driver’s door. Just after I’ve done with the audio weight removal, my dad just scolded at me because of smuts on the floor (he just put new panels recently). :whistle:


After I cleaned the floor quickly, I disconnected the battery and continued my weight removal trip. This time I tried to remove all interior trims and panels to check out what I could optimize. I even removed the headliner. Here are some snapshots of the process.



I also wanted to remove the carpet to remove the floor mats. But I didn’t have enough time for this because something came up in between and hindered it. :rolleyes:

So I decided to continue the weight reduction another time and just cleaned the rear. When I removed the taillights, I saw a lot of dirt hidden there.


Now, it looks like factory new. :LOL:(y)




Since I’m at this point with nearly gutted Evo, I was curious how it would sound like. So I wanted to do a test drive with my fiancée. When she saw it at this state for the first time she was like: “OMG, what have you done with it?? Looks like a piece of junk!” :eek: I’ve just face palmed myself and told her this: “Because F***cking Racecar!” :devilish: She was still not happy with that. Anyways, I put her in the passenger seat and I started up the car. Woah, it sounds much louder than it was before. When we went on for a drive I was rather disappointed. It only sounds great, like a racecar when I put my foot down to let it scream. But if I need to keep it at speed limit, meaning I mostly have to let it roll, you’ll be able to hear only the road noises which are extremely annoying. As I use my Evo as a daily it will be 90% of just rolling around. I wouldn’t want to risk overstepping the speed limit just to enjoy the racecar feeling/noises since the fine here in Switzerland is very steep. At the track it would be really cool but there I had to be realistic. How often will I be at the racetrack compared to the street driving? This is why I’ll have to put everything back together. Here’s a quick video of how loud it is just by revving the engine.

Here’s a picture of the gutted Evo before I put everything back on. Before the test drive, I had to put back the door panels to be able to use electric window switch since it was too cold to drive with fully opened windows. :p


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Snow Fun (05.01.2017)

When we finally had enough snow at our place, I didn’t want to miss this chance to have fun after work. Here are some pics and videos :cool:(y) (I had to keep the video short not to give away any hint of the location, here it’s forbidden to do something like this and I could get heavy fines, I know it’s stupid but yeah it’s Swiss…).





After a couple days, my fiancée was at my place and we just made a little trip and of course the fun shouldn’t fall short. :LOL:



Luckily, there were enough snow for many days and I used every chance to do some off-road fun. I also took pictures to let you enjoy watching them. :)





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Winter Pleasure (10.01.2017)

On this day, everything was perfect, blue sky and white snow everywhere. Here I finished work much earlier on purpose to live this moment with my Evo. :cool:











By the way, I had to admit that my Evo sits way too low and because of wrong wheel alignment (it was still set up for the track) and the winter tires didn’t have enough profile left for the grip, I had trouble getting forward. Especially in the deep snow, the Evo moved mostly sideways instead of forward and the front bumper acted like a snow plow. :LOL:

Here I’m going to tell you an interesting story about what happened that evening which made very clear about the mentioned issue. :whistle:

At an evening, we had heavy snowfall and there were lots of fresh snow everywhere as we didn’t have this much for some years. There I had to go out with my Evo. My parents already told me that I’m totally insane because my Evo wouldn’t be able to move anywhere under this circumstance because it’s too low. I only countered like: “Pffh, I’ve got an Evo! It can do it! Because rally car!” and I took my brother with me as a cameraman to show off to my parents. As soon as we turned to the main road, I made a long drift there which was just perfect. No other cars around, fresh snow still laying there, no snow plow anywhere and we were alone. But I didn’t want to do anything stupid on the street to avoid any unnecessary trouble. So we went to my drift place and arriving there, my brother asked me if I really want to drift there because it’s already too much snow. I only told him to get out so that I could show him. There I just had my pink Evo glasses on and didn’t want to listen to anyone. I turned off the traction control, put my foot down hard and there we go! The Evo hit hard to the redline, black smokes shooting from the exhausts pipe with lot of noises, lots of snow pouring over my windshield which gave me great joy. But, looking from the outside it could be clearly seen that the Evo had trouble moving forward in the deep snow. For my brother it looked like a slow motion drift. After 30 seconds I got stuck and that’s it. I had to put down my Evo glasses to face the reality that I should’ve listened to the others. As soon as I got out, my skater shoes disappeared in the snow and I felt the coldness on my socks. This is the punishment for my ignorance. My brother walked to me and didn’t need to tell me anything because I already got it. Well shit happened and the best was that we didn’t put on proper clothes. Then I dig out the snow with my bare hands. My brother was just standing there laughing at me. Yeah, yeah what a lovely brother. His only help was giving me light from his smartphone. After a felt eternity I dug out most of the snow with my frozen off hands and tried to move my Evo out of this mess but it failed. Got out again, I checked the snow below the front bumper and noticed that it has already frozen. As if I wasn’t punished enough. It was impossible to scrape off the ice with bare hands. So I had to call to my dad that he should please come over here with a shovel and already warned him to give me a break with his famous comments. I was already too pissed and just wanted to go back home in the warmth. Because it would take some time for my dad to arrive, I used a little ice scraper for windows to scrape off chunk of frozen snow. Shortly there was a fire truck arriving and it stopped there. Well, seriously??? I saw firefighters getting out of the fire truck and walked towards me. I asked them in total amazement what they are doing here. The firefighters were totally confused and told me that they got an emergency call that a car has crashed down a slope towards the river. Then I told them that this place is further ahead and that everything is fine here. They went back to the truck and drove off while I went back to my Evo trying to free it from the snow/ice. A short while, the second fire truck appeared and I told them to keep on driving there where the accident is. Back to my Evo again, I saw a police car coming up and stopped there while I was scraping off the ice. Ah sh*t, now I’m in real trouble and was afraid that I’ll get high fine because of this “not controlled driving behavior”. I tried to ignore them and keep on scraping off in hope that they’ll go away very soon. Unfortunately, they kept on staying and I was really uncomfortable. I just walked without a single thought towards them. They moved down the window and I greeted them nicely with a good evening and asked them if they were here because of the accident. They agreed and I told them that the accident site is further down the road and I had to tell the same to the firefighters before. I also told the police that everything is fine with me so that they shouldn’t bother about me. They were laughing because it was clear what I did before. I told them that I only need to free my Evo from the snow and then I’ll drive carefully back home. Then I bid farewell to them and went back to my Evo. The police then drove off and I was very glad that I got away nicely. My dad still didn’t arrive and I called him again where he’s because he should be here a long time ago. He told me that the firefighter blocked the road because it’s too dangerous. Just great! I just wanted to get it done fast to get away from this whole situation. I was left with this little ice scraper and kept on working. After almost 2hrs I finally managed to get free and we quickly drove back home. At the roadblock the firefighter watched strangely at us and opened it to let me pass through. I waved to them as thanking for letting me through without any further trouble. Since then I swore to myself that I will never ever do something stupid like this. If I want to drift again, I will only do at an event designed for that and my Evo should have a proper winter setup!

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Mod Update 3 – OEM Evo X GSR Trim Complete (05.02.2017)

Here’s a little update of my Evo X modification’s history. This time the grey MR front grille bezel has been replaced by the original black GSR one and at the same time I removed the big plastic number plate bracket. Now it looks better and more in unison. :cool:(y)


Here’s a collection of different bezels. :LOL:

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