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Mod Update 05 – Interior Pt.1 (26.03.2017)

When my family left on Holiday for almost a month (Hong Kong & Japan) I used this time slot to remove the remaining floor mats. I parked my Evo in the middle of the garage and start gutting the interior.


Then I wanted to lift up the floor carpet and didn’t want to believe what I’ve found underneath it. :oops:


What the hell is this lighter doing there if the Evo is a smoke-free car?? :unsure:

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a longer nut available to remove the dead pedal to be able to remove the entire carpet. So I had to lift it up temporarily so that I could remove the rear section.



Then I began working in traditional way with the hammer and plastic chisel. :LOL:


After a while I discovered something very unpleasant and didn’t want to believe that it would happen to a 6 years old Evo X whereas it has clean underside when I checked it the last time. :mad:




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KW V3 Coilover (26.03.2017)

In the meantime the KW V3 had been replaced by another coilover and was sold. I was surprised positively in what condition these were after 6 years and 50k km. These were used properly and thanks to the stainless steel, it still looks like new. Only the paint chipping at the spring gives away its condition. This is what quality is. (y)








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Mod Update 05 – Interior Pt.2 (27.03.2017)

After I got the longer nut I could finally remove the entire floor carpet and our bushy pet already looked for a new place to stay. :LOL:


Then I continued working on removing these floor mats. I know it could be much faster with dry ice but I enjoyed this working style because I’ve a sitting office job. A bit of muscle movement wouldn’t hurt. :p Here are couple impressions.




After I removed everything and put in these bags, I also weighted them (driving direction is right)


LH Fr: 1525 g
LH Ctr: 870 g
LH Rr: 695 g
RH Fr: 1270 g
RH Ctr: 865 g
RH Rr: 670 g
Ctr Rr: 420 g

This would be total weight saving of 6315 g. With the removed floor mats at the backseat (535 g) and trunk area (1120 g) I managed to remove 8 kg weight by removing all floor mats.

I intentionally kept all sound deadening mats behind the dashboard because I just didn’t have time to remove it. Besides that I didn’t want to cut any free pieces and keep the rest behind the dashboard. I’m the type who wants to do something entirely and not just pieces by pieces. This is the reason I’ll do it another time.

I had to admit even though it was fun hammering around it was still a tiresome business, especially I had to do some weird yoga pose to be able to reach some hard to reach places. :whistle: After that there was still worse job with the cleaning out the remaining glue stains with paint thinner. Oh, this smell that surely killed some of my brain cells. :ROFLMAO: But the result was worth it. There I let some pictures speak for it. :cool:(y)



Lastly, I removed the headliner for the next project.


For a while, I drove around like this to experience a bit of a race car feeling. :cool: But it was still uncomfortable seeing the roof airbag at the corner of my eye.



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Mod Update 05 – Interior Pt.3 (21.04.2017)

As conclusion to this interior chapter, the headliner had been wrapped in black suede and the original Final Edition interior parts/trims were installed in my Evo. To finish up, the entire chrome accent has been painted in gloss black color and some in CUSCO Blue color. The Takata Race harnesses were installed as well to have a firm seating position at the Nordschleife and other racetracks. :cool:(y)




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Snow & Ice Drift Ambri – Addendum II (23.04.2017)

Today I had the opportunity at last to take my Evo to the lift at my dad’s workplace to check out this hole from underneath. Now, everything is clear why this had happened. On the right side the plastic shield for the fuel tank is there. But on the left side, there was none present respectively ripped out and due to the fierce force the bolt that has been welded to the floor had ripped open. Because of the missing protection, the surface of the fuel tank had been battered as well. :confused:





The joke is that I paid 150.- CHF to enter the snow drift event and I had to empty my wallet for 1000.-CHF for the whole damage repairs so far. Now I could spend more for this one. Instead of this whole mess I could’ve invested in semis for my upcoming trackdays. :mad:(n)

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Touristenfahrten at the Nürburgring Nordschleife Pt. 1 (13.04.2017)

It was once again time for me to be at the mandatory Carfriday at the Nordschleife and having fun there. :cool: This time I was with almost same people like last year. My brother didn’t come, but a coworker of my friend with black BMW did. Because we all had to work the previous day and I wanted to do some checking laps on the same day to settle in before I’m thrown in the middle of the metal avalanche on the Carfriday. I stopped working earlier than usual and drove directly to the Nürburgring with my fiancée. The black BMW friend with his coworker will be there at a later time. The other with red Golf and yellow Seat will be there at the Carfriday. On the way I was excited and also a bit annoyed because my Evo wasn’t really finished as I wanted because some parts still were missing. One of the most important aspect were the semis and I had to drive with the street tires which I didn’t have good memories. :((n) We arrived much earlier than anticipated because I added some extra time in case there may be lot of traffic jams which weren’t there.

This place gave me a sense of a ghost town, because there would be normally full of people and cars. I really felt like in “28 Days Later” and my fiancée asked me if this really would take place? :confused: At the boulevard I had to use this opportunity to take pictures because it was the first time for my Evo with this background. :cool:(y)


After that we drove to the access to check out there. Luckily there were some people and marshals present and I asked one if the track would be open today and why it’s so quiet and empty. His reply was that it’s the calmness before the storm. :p Alright, but I had to take this picture quickly because it’s a rare occasion for me. There was an Evo 9 from Spain standing there all alone. :giggle:


Afterwards, we drove to the Nürburg to walk uphill to the castle for the first time. Unluckily, we caught a bad time because it was just in the middle of renovation so we didn’t bother to go inside. Another time when it’s all finished. We just sat down at a bench to enjoy the scenery and calmness together.

A while later we heard some engine and exhaust noises. Aha, it will begin soon with the Carfriday season but we still stayed there until we get the message from my friend when he arrives there. After every passing minutes the noises grew louder and louder. This is what I know from a typical Nordschleife vibe. Then we got his message and we drove back to the parking lot. My friend reserved a parking spot for me so that I could park beside his car with no hassle. :LOL:


We then prepared ourselves for the first lap and my friend just went ahead. I was still at the parking lot because I had problem with the GoPro. Aaarrrghh, always at these moments where everything should work properly it has to fail even though I checked many times beforehand. :mad: Whatever, I just drove off with my fiancée. I won’t upload anything of the first lap because it was more like an introduction lap. But my friend got a shot of my Evo when I overtook him. ;)

Later, my friend found some Clips of my Evo from Youtube. There you could understand better why I was so annoyed with the street tires -> squeaky Evo! :whistle:

And here’s a nice shot of the Ex-Mühle:


After the first successful lap, I offered the friends coworker to be my passenger so that he could feel the Evo because it was his first time ever on the racetrack. To record his experience (and for me, so that I could have better chase view of my Evo, not like the failed one from the last time) we decided that my friend with the black BMW will be my camera man. I know that I won’t be able to do a fast lap, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to catch up. This is why I only upload his perspective.

It’s clearly visible that I slowed down on purpose so that there would be a chase view of my Evo. But at some section I showed his coworker what my Evo can do. It was a nice experience for him altogether. :) Here’s one more outside recording of my squeaky Evo.


Because the Toursitenfahrten session was ending soon, I wanted to do a last faster lap by myself.


It’s always nice to see that someone likes the Evo and gives thumbs up. :LOL:(y)


This time, it wasn’t much of an interesting lap, except this interesting perspective. This is the only reason I uploaded this video and it was also the last one from this perspective because the GoPro was mounted at the dome light and I wasn’t satisfied with the result and was also afraid that it would rip out the dome light. :confused:


Here’s another recording from my friend when I overtook him and this famous squeaky one.

On this day I wasn’t able to do a fast lap but the most important is that everything went well and nothing broke down. Only the street tires gave me headaches.


Then I turned off the Evo and we all went to Devil’s Diner for dinner (it was our first time as well). Afterwards, we went back to the parking lot and were amazed how empty it has become.


Back to the hotel Dorint, I wanted to check out the recording of my new perspective. By watching it, even though it’s an interesting view, I noticed 2 things. Firstly, I have to learn to master my steering wheel technique. Secondly, the rear view mirror is always in the way and too distracting. It should be removed or the GoPro needs to be installed much lower. So I tried to find out the next best perspective for the next day all night long.
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