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Cobb accessport

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Hi, pls. Help...Will be picking up an AP from an owner here in forum..need to clarify that it will work?
Also, called cobb this afternoon and spoke with somebody from customer service and ask about my current set-up ( hks racing suction,hks DP, hks centerpipe and hks legamax premium) i told him if i run the stage 2 injen..the guy said it may work but will be unsafe and unsure- is this true? He even said that hes not sure if cobb will even do maps for the hks suction..period.

Sorry if this has been questioned before but no luck finding them..

If anybody here can provide input i really appreciate it.

Thanks, ron
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You can always try the map for the injen and start with the safer tunes for like 91 octane and log and see where your at to get something that can get you to a tuner to get a custom tune. And I think their is alot of people on here that could help you adjust the maf voltage
Ok thanks. Thats what i thought! I figured just get the AP for now and do a custom tune maybr from efi tuning later!
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