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I’ve spent about two weeks researching and only found two old posts on the subject. Both of which never posted a final outcome of how things went. So I was unable to determine wether or not they had good results in the end.
I tried replying to the more helpful post, but was unable to. Not sure why.

So, here are my questions. Is there a COBB AP tune out there that I can use until I get a pro tune?
Does it work well and Safely? As My 14 Mercury Grey GSR is my DD.
Do I need to do anything special?

This is my first post. Been lurking since December of 18.
I’ve found all the info I’ve needed on previous issues or concerns simply by searching the forum. This one however, I can’t seem to get the answers I need.

My car has the following mods so far. Cobb AP V3, Megan Racing DP, Manzo CB and TP, Sakura UICP, and Cobb drop in filter. Hope that helps your answers. Thanks
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