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Hey everyone, time to clean up the car and come check out the scene here in Plano on Thursday, August 4 from 6:30-10:30pm.

-We got some more NEW stuff going on this month.... Based on the success of changing it up and going with burgers, this month we'll be offering chopped brisket sandwiches made by the same awesome cook that made last month's burgers, Ed Honeycutt. He has gone out and purchased over 60lbs of brisket that will each has taken over 18 hours to prepare and smoke over a pecan wood smoker. He will be using his family's own secret sauces in three varieties: Sweet, Regular and "HAWT"

-Flowers Foods is graciously donating all of the event... which is just awesome!

-As usual, Trade Secret will be sponsoring the food... And will be doing another color sand and buffing demonstration along with a potential demonstration of the stages involved in matching paint during a restoration of various car panels.

-Huffines Subaru as stepped up as our new drinks sponsor for the next 12 months and will be here with their Street Team in tow!

-NOS energy drink will be on hand to support the event with a wide variety of delicious enrgy drinks!!! Try out the new Charged Citrus flavor in the Green cans!

-Mobile Recon is going to be back after tons of hail claims and be able to quote and possibly repair dents on the spot!

If you have any special requests for any of these companies, please contact Kevin Heist and let him know what you're after! ([email protected] or 214-291-3020)
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