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Hows it going guys?
Im pretty new to this evo game.

Long story short after installing The Cobb V3 and loading an OTS map,
Ive had a few issues.

I am Currently running the Stage 2+SF 93.(Both low and normal wastegate maps overboost) (have also tried the Stage 2+CHFF 93, same issues).

08 Evo x GSR

Turbo back exhaust
CX Racing intercooler piping
Stage 3 Clutch twin disk

1.) Overboost, map notes say i should be around 24psi max, im at 28psi.

2.) Idle. After driving my idle is dropping to around 500 and sometimes stalling.

After doing research i see the OTS maps aren't really the best at all.

So with that said, does anyone had any maps that would fit my needs or thinks would work? Looking for a reliable map, nothing crazy.

i did a few logs (Hopefully correctly) ill attach to this post.


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