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Cold SST, crunchy start?

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I've noticed early morning when the temps are around 45 or below (even when it's garaged), that right when the I start up my MR, the transmission cycles and it often sounds like it grinds a gear. Issue goes away in the summer so it leads me to believe its a viscosity issue with the SST fluid.

Has anyone experienced this issue? I did a search but didn't come up with anything.

My cars got 22,+++ miles, completely stock. The SST also has the rattle at idle.

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Video would help. The SST was designed to develop lots of slip in cold temps to get heat into the clutches. I see around 55 at the coldest parking outside and I always idle the car to nearly full temp before I go, only takes 2 minutes. I don't hear grinding but if I operate it cold it sometimes clunks into gear.

When was the last time you changes filter and fluid? That is always a good idea to be premature in.
I'll try and get a clip to post up but it doesn't happen every cold start.

It's not a slip issue, right after I key on the car and it fires up, the trans cycles and has a noise very similar to a grinding gear; like not putting the clutch in far enough on a normal manual car. In other words, the evo is still in park.

No fluid/filter change yet. Thought is crossing my mind though.
does the car surge forward slightly upon cold starting while the noise is made?
Yes. I believe so. An I the only one thus far?
I have had this happen to me before, it doesn't happen all the time, but it has happened. Also I didn't drive my Evo for about 2 months and the first time I drove it, once put into gear, the clutch didnt engage immediately, I had to push the accelerator in for the clutch to grab.
Right. On occasion. Seems to be for me only when it's cold.

Anyone else? Cold climate owners?
I have the exact same issue with my car. We are currently trying to figure out why this happens. My guess is it's pressure related somehow. If we can figure it out I'll be sure and pass on the knowledge.
Hmm. I read an article that I can post if you want that says when you key on the engine, the trans engages both first and second gear from neutral. Likewise, when you key off the engine, it runs for another couple seconds to disengage those gears.

My guess is that since its cold, the viscosity of the fluid is thicker, so maybe the computer is jamming the gears into place. If it were a human doing the shifting, we can finess the gears in while the trans is cold instead of running a preprogrammed selection of movements.

Obviously we don't have a choice on what kind of trans fluid we run so it's going to come down to Mitsubishi rectifying the issue. Somehow. That's is, if I'm right.
guys any updates?

I having the same problem :( did you figure it out ? before when i used to start up I Used to hear the sound but it was not that high but now i am starting to hear it more clearly and the car is liked being pushed forward when it makes that last ugly sound
My Evo X tran is the Automatic 6 speed
Sorry had to.
Just my theory but I believe it's the engaging from their individual neutrals. You'll feel two slight "pushes" forward when they do this soon after you start the Car. Ive some technical articles that seem to confirm my theory.

The grinding is similar to what would happen in any manual transmission car when the fluid is cold. (Our transmissions are still "manuals", just with electrically/hydraulicly controlled shifts). The hardware is still similar
I start my car often at temperatures that most people would rather stay inside at... I think last year it was pretty close to -40*C for a few days. No issues with the tranny when starting or driving. Just had the normal 'click, click, clunk' sound after startup.

Also would like to say it does take a decent amount of time to warm up when its that cold haha, and I love the way the turbo whistles when its cold :) Reminds me of the old colt.
I'm in a cold climate, and the transmission does shift a bit rough from cold start. Haven't had the issue in particular that you mentioned, but I let it warm up for about 30 sec. After running up to 3rd and down again the fluids warmed up and everything's a-ok.
I am in Tropical North Queensland Australia where it never gets below 20 degrees C and mine also does it. SSP 700 clutch pack fitted.. also has anyone noticed that when the voltage in the battery is low the car is locked in Park ? Charge up the battery and shifter works as normal. low power in key fob battery has same effect.
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