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You might love cars, but there's a good possibility you hate going to the dealer. We're not going to speak ill of this particular breed of pitchman, but we're sure you've had your fill of car dealers and their antics. Thankfully, if you want to get behind the wheel of the newest hotness, there are other ways.

The Straightline crew over at InsideLine have put together a comprehensive listing of all the consumer track events that are available for people looking to actually drive some of the vehicles we're constantly covering -- without having to endure a trip to your local dealer and a "test drive" that involves little more than a run around the block. While most of the automakers represented on the list are for the more financially solvent, there's a few, including Mazda, Saturn, Toyota and Volkswagen that are within the average car-buyers reach. That said, Aston Martin's On Track program, BMW's High Performance Driving School and the HUMMER Driving Academy shouldn't be entirely discounted. Some charge, others don't, but check out the list to see what's available in your area.

[Source: Straightline]
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