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Contol your car with your cell phone!!!

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Was watching some car show last night on tv and they had a small segment devoted to this product. They explained how it worked and put it to the test. It looks really cool.
You can watch your car online and track where it is, mph and some other good stuff. You can also control your car which is insane. Say your lil bro takes it for a spin and you want to fuck with him. Hes cruising with a hot babe impressing her with YOUR car. BAMM!! you kill the engine and lock the doors all while your on the compter at home.:rock: Take that lil bro!!:shades: You also get a cell phone alert if your car is stolen at which point you can lock the theif inside and give the cops the exact location.
I believe it also has a remote starter that you can use from any distance away.

Anyone else hear about this product? Any thoughts on how good it is? Would it mess with any electronics?
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my friend has a mobile security/remote start that utilizes the use of his cellphone. i was gonna see if i can get it but it turns out you need a gsm(sim card like at&t t-mobile) phone to use it and you have to activate it. but its only a one time fee.
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