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CP PISTONS 10.1 Compression for sale

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Moderators please close SOLD
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late night bump lol someone who's begining a near future build buy these lol
dayy off BUMP
alright guys added some items please take these off me
Interested in pistons. PM coming your way.
Interested in pistons. PM coming your way.
waiting on pm bro you will not be dissapointed:bowlol:
bump.. added more items please tkae these off me
10:1 is serious business.
yea bro lol
Bump added more parts guys please buy these items. everything is OBO besides pistons
BUMP. cmon guys help me out lol
TTT Prices OBO besides Pistons
Bump lol buy my carbon hood
Bumpziesss future builders buy my pistons lol and carbon lovers buy my hood haha
Day of Bump
the hood is tempting. how's the fitment?

spot on bro. but if you want perfect fitment all you do is adjust the fenders but to compare to oem its a 9.5 bro
BUMP offer on hood and rockford fosgate unit
Question on the 10-1. Not sure if I need them yet, but these are basically if someone is going for a built 2.0 correct? And let us say....theoretically, that you have a new short block, these will drop right in and go with whatever (aside from stroker) rods you want?
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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