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Crappy rides of the stars

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In my opinion Andy Dick deserves the bike, can't stand the guy.

Almost forgot...lawl at Regis Philbin.
Some of those are classic cars.

and Regis is a moron.
well at least vaughn has asports car allthe rest are real crap.
well at least vaughn has asports car allthe rest are real crap.
Apparently it's a v6.

Some of their rides are cool in one way or another...Clint Eastwood's truck is a Typhoon, for example.

I remember seeing somewhere that before she made it big, Jessica Simpson (I think) had a turbo Eclipse, and they mocked her for it.

In a nutshell, Hollywood is obsessed with image, so if it's not shiny and expensive, it's crap in their eyes.

However, in some cases, it is really odd to see millionaires driving around in boring, common cars.
true i would want to be driving a inexpensive car rather then a over 1k car as a daily driver.wwith how people drive around it be no surprice if someone hit it ad then you'll have a bigger bill on repairs.but yeah those phoons are awesone.
TMZ is crap, if it isn't a mercedes, right?

The Typhoon is killer, and I like the looks of the flat black El Camino. I hate hollywood (and BTW, hollywood is a f*cking ghetto)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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