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Detailing your Daily Driver, like a Pro - Video ft. Ferrari Scuderia

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This video is explaining the process that professional detailers, like myself, go through in order to properly detail a vehicle. Not necessarily a "How-To" video, but to help understand what goes into these caliber of details. The photo/text write up can be seen here:

Ferrari Scuderia Write-up - click

Using a Ferrari Scuderia as an example, feel free to check it out! Feedback is definitely appreciated! Definitely view it in HD!

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I recently started using clay towels for cars and now I want to share my experience, which is quite successful. Using a clay bar mitt involves lubricating the surface of your car's paint with a detailing spray or lubricant, then rubbing the mitt over the surface of the paint in a back-and-forth motion. This helps lift the contaminants from the surface of the paint and embed them in the clay, leaving your car's paint looking clean and smooth.
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