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Detailing your Daily Driver, like a Pro - Video ft. Ferrari Scuderia

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This video is explaining the process that professional detailers, like myself, go through in order to properly detail a vehicle. Not necessarily a "How-To" video, but to help understand what goes into these caliber of details. The photo/text write up can be seen here:

Ferrari Scuderia Write-up - click

Using a Ferrari Scuderia as an example, feel free to check it out! Feedback is definitely appreciated! Definitely view it in HD!

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i notice that when u rinsed after the washer you used the shower setting, it is true that u wanna rinse off the shampoo with the least amount of water pressure?
Also whats your take on using foam guns? i know some people use it to w/ citrus based washes to strip off wax and stuff by letting the foam sit on the car for 10min or so.
Would it be safe to say that I shouldn't use a wool pad unless i have a paint guage? i know the wool pads really dig deap to correct the paint. maybe an orange pad would be safe without the guage present?
Thank you!

To answer your questions:

The shower setting allows more water to travel down the vehicle, thus allowing it to lift the soapy water more effectively! The higher pressure can scatter it around, so less pressure is better for rinsing suds.

I use foam guns with concentrated solutions often, and find it effective. However, it was not used on this Ferrari due to the amount of openings on the vehicle. Example being, the entire engine area is exposed with mesh grills, don't want heavy concetrated suds filling in the vents and grilles.

I personally always read a vehicle I haven't performed any work on before to create a baseline, more of a force of habit. With that said, should you ever need to compound or heavily correct a vehicle - it is imperitive to use a gauge. Lighter polishing doesnt necessarily require it, but its always safe to do so!
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New updated video link added to the first post!
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