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click above to view more high-res images of the Fisker Karma

Fisker's premium hybrid sports sedan finally has a name: Karma. It is particularly apt since the coach builder's aim is to give customers a luxury sports sedan about which they can feel proud for what it does, or doesn't do, to the environment. The Karma is powered by the Q-DRIVE system developed by Quantum Technologies. From the sound of it, it's a series hybrid much like the Chevy Volt, with a small gas engine running at an optimal speed to turn a generator that charges the lithium-ion battery packs. Fisker claims it will go up to 50 miles per charge on batteries alone, as well as achieve 60 mph in six seconds and reach a top speed of 125 mph. The batteries themselves are placed smack dab in the middle of the vehicle, which lowers the car's center of gravity and improves weight distribution. Of course, the Karma is a luxury vehicle at heart and will include a navigation system and DVD player with headrest-mounted displays.

As for the design, it's unique and we're totally crushing on it. It's like a Maserati Quattroporte with more curves and character. Make no mistake, if you eventually own one you'll never see another on the road. If you're interested, however, you'll have to wait until late 2009 to take delivery, although we're certain Fisker wouldn't mind accepting a deposit before then. The first batch of 99 will be signed by the designer, Henrik Fisker (shown above), and coated in the same color as the vehicle that we'll see in person soon at the Detroit Auto Show. We can't wait to walk around this one with camera in hand.

[Source: World Car Fans]

Gallery: Fisker Karma

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