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Last Saturday night before the Press Days began for the 2008 edition of the Detroit Auto Show, the 2nd annual GM Style event took place in a huge tent set up in a parking lot near the Renaissance Center headquarters of General Motors. Like last year's event, this runway show featured cars and fashions, but the feel of it was a bit different this year. This time last year, GM had yet to make its big design comeback breakthrough, for instance. Also, the cars were almost secondary to the celebrities last January. This time around, a year after the CTS, Malibu and Volt debuted in the days following the first GM Style event, the red carpet was gone and the fashions were worn by anonymous models, with musical accompaniment from Mary J Blige, Maroon 5 and Kid Rock. For 2008, the cars were the real stars. The automotive lineup was bookended by the oldest and newest Corvettes with a group of contemporary models in between. BTW, the tall gentleman in the front row who's white brimmed hat keeps popping up at the bottom of the pics? Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Gallery: Detroit 2008: GM Style 2008

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