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click above for more high-res images of the Maybach Lanaulet

If you'd rather be driven by a chauffeur than get behind the wheel yourself, you might want to check out the Maybach Landaulet that made its North American debut in Detroit this week. The half sedan/half convertible allows for the driver's compartment to be completely closed while the passengers in the rear can enjoy open top motoring. The sky isn't the only luxury available - passengers are treated to supple white leather seating and a full entertainment system with a DVD player 6-disc CD changer, dual television screens, and even a compartment to hold a bottle of champagne and goblets. The rear seats also recline, meaning you can lie back, listen to some tunes, and enjoy the fresh air while you sip on your drink. We'd love a test drive ride, but in some place a little warmer than Detroit.
Gallery: Maybach Landaulet

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