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Click image for high res gallery of the competitors.

Michelin hosts its annual Michelin Challenge Design (design challenge?) to help young designers and their hot designs get some recognition. The emphasis is on innovative thinking, both on the technical and style side. While the challenge doesn't have any direct link to tires, per se, Michelin uses the forum to help push the boundaries throughout the automotive field and get people thinking outside the box. The NAIAS contest focuses on making "smaller vehicles safer particularly in urban environments." One can make the argument that producing smaller, more efficient cars has a direct impact on tire design and tread wear, but we hardly care about Michelin's motivation here and just enjoy looking at futuristic concepts. This year's entries ranged from the practically plausible to way-out-there wild as you'll see in our gallery below.

The full press release and the winners in each of the two categories Michelin recognized are posted after the jump.

[Source: Michelin]

Gallery: 2008 Detroit: Michelin Challenge Design

Continue reading Detroit 2008: Michelin Challenge Design winners

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