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did the 08 sti win any reviews against the 08 evo?

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It seems every review i've read so far the sti has been getting it's ass kicked, does anyone know one review where the sti was picked over the evo? It doesn't have to be a magazine it could be an independent review, i just want to read the reasons why someone would choose an sti over an evo other than hatchback utility or subaru reliability.
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I think any of the early reviews that preferred the STI to the Evo X were based on JDM version of the cars. Current reviews with USDM versions seem heavily slanted to the Evo X.

Motortrend picked the X:
Even though they gave the straight ahead acceleration to the STI.

Road and Track picked the X:

Car and Driver picked the X:

Edmunds pickedthe IX, but preferred the X to the STI:

If you pick through all the reviews you see the STI sometimes does better than the X in a drag race, sometimes not. But the X is always seeming to be faster around a track. It could be that the STI could do better if properly set up by an experienced track driver, to get better turn-in and less understeer, and if faster on the straights it would do well on a course with long straights and wider sweeping turns.

Anyway you slice it, though, it seems that the X is the winner straight out of the box, and both the X and STI have mad modding possibilities! So quit your magazine racing, go get behind the wheel of your rocket of choice, take it to the track or strip, and have some fun!
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