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Difference b/w RALLIART Spline-Type Wheel Locks and regular Wheel Locks?

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Two options on the 2012 model for wheel locks.

Regular ones ($55 MSRP)
RALLIART Spline-Type Wheel Locks ($145)

Any photos of the difference?

Do the Ralliart ones require a special tool or something? More secure? Look better? Why nearly 3x the cost?
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I have 2 sets of the ralliart wheel locks. First, they are made of chrome and the stock ones are not. Second yes they do come included with a separate tool. And third they just look better as they say ralliart on them.
They dealership I got my 2012 from, well we had some problems getting my car. In the mail today I just revived a full set of the ralliart lugs as a gift for putting up with them really. Not sure if I should switch them out for the stockers or not?
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