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Disappearing Info menu items on navi

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Recently my navi system started displaying a message that service was overdue. Today I was going to go in to the maintenance section of the Info menu to reset them. Unfortunately most of the sections from the Info menu have disappeared. The missing sections are: Trip, Environment, Maintenance, and Air Conditioner.

Does someone know what's going on and how I get them back?
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Sounds like there was an error reading the hard drive on boot up. I used to get that symptom a lot around here until I switched to a different HD. The icons for the AC graphics are stored on the HD in the images directory. The data for the trip and maint screens are stored in the ETACS computer, iirc.

Power off (switch ignition to off), wait five seconds and switch it back on. Should fix it.
Power off doesn't work. I think I will try to disconnect the battery tonight to see if that resets it.
Can you get the NAV maps to display? if not, sounds like a HD failure.

You are selecting Yes/OK when prompted by the initial NAV warning screen, yes?
Right, nav maps displays correctly. In fact everything else about the nav unit functions perfectly. Really just missing these items.

The strange thing is like they truly did disappear. The three remaining items in that screen are now centered horizontally instead of being in their normal position at the top.
Curious. I've seen some of them kinda grayed-out where they couldn't be selected, but not missing.

What year is your car and what version of maps are installed?
All solved. Disconnecting the battery did the trick.
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