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The sst transmission is good for 750hp. So hardware wise on the trans you are fine. Tuning the sst is for another topic.

As for the engine. Start in this order... with a tune with ecuflash/evoscan/openport after each change.

Get evoscan/ecuflash/openport2
Get wideband sensor from aem
Get a 3port boost control soleinoid
Upper intercooler pipe replace.
Then go e85 with some new injectors
Get a tephramod rom and go flex fuel, and flex fuel sensor kit.
Then get a cat delete or high flow cat convertor.
Change out your fuel relay to preempt a failed part.
Then get a new turbo kit.
Then get a new fuel pump.
Also, service your SST trans with diaqueen mitsu oil every 15k. Your clutches and sst will last 10times longer.

Only then will you be over 370hp, and your dreams will come true.

You will have fun getting there too. A TRUE motorsport hobbiest car for sure!
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