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So I recently switched from my factory dash to an AEM CD-5 basic dash display. My ideals involved being able to display transmission temperature and really nothing else. Unfortunately, I can not see trans temp IN ADDITION to fuel level, transmission mode, or gear selected. I spoke with the support team from AEM and one gentleman said that the fuel level is being seen on the CAN but something about the way it's recognizing it makes it so that I can't use it.

I was hoping someone has been down this path before and may be able to help guide me.

So for recap, 2011 Evo X MR having difficulty figuring out how to get my new AEM CD-5 Dash with the obd2 can harness to display fuel level, transmission mode, and gear selected.

Additionally, I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of an extension from the stock LCD screen to the circuit board inside the stock dash- I figure that in the worst case scenario, I can try to extend out the LCD screen so that it moves relatively independently of the circuit board and then just, make a special bezel for them both, since the LCD screen would show me the (almost)everything I want to see

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