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Does stock ECU read oil temp and pressure?

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Hey everyone! My car is currently getting a bottom end build and I'd like to get some new gauges to keep an eye on cars health.

Does stock ECU read oil temps and psi so I can read it on android head unit or my phone with Bluetooth OBD II reader.

If not, I need some recommendations for budged gauges to fulfill this role please!

Thank you!!
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Prosport is about as budget as I would go. Make sure whatever gauges you go with, you get electronic senders. You don't want to pipe hot oil into your car's cabin! You'd think that mechanical oil pressure gauges wouldn't be a thing anymore but somehow they still are and they will be the cheapest you find. AEM is an Evo X favorite since they offer all the gauges you'd want and you can keep a consistent look down the road so if you can stretch the extra $$ go that way, especially since the Prosport/Glowshift gauges won't have a matching EUGO wideband that you could trust to keep an engine safe.
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